Personal Loans Singapore in 2019: What You Should Know

10 March 2019, By Azka

Before you take a personal loan, there are certain things you ought to know. It is unfortunate that some people find themselves in financial trouble after taking a loan. That is primarily because they do not understand their inner workings. You should note that the best personal loan in Singapore is different from credit card mortgage loans. In this post, we have outlined vital points to consider before taking a personal loan.

What is a Personal Loan?

Usually, a personal loan sg is an unsecured debt. In this case, there is no collateral as required by other types of loans. For instance, if you have a car loan, the bank or financial institution that advances the loan can take the car into possession when you fail to pay the loan. Fortunately, with a personal loan, there is no collateral required. Thus, you may be required to have a high credit score rating to qualify. Personal loans are paid in installments. This means that the contract spells out a fixed repayment schedule that can run for months or years. Also, it should have a fixed interest rate. Although there are secured loans, they are less common. When you default on a loan, the financial institution has a legal right to auction your collateral to recoup the losses. As a result of this, unsecured loans are the most common types of personal loans.

Credit Score is Vital

Whenever you take a personal loan, you have to note that your credit score is vital. That is because it is scrutinized closely and the credit history goes beyond numbers. The bank understands that the loan could go bad, and it will not be easy to recover its money. This explains why financial institutions are cautious when giving personal loans. If you have an excellent credit score, you are better off when it comes to the interest rates. Remember that interest rates vary drastically. You can find banks offering low interest rates. Therefore, use available personal loan rates comparison tools. If the interest rate is unbelievably low, it may be a signal of hidden fees. Ensure you read and understand the term documents and check whether there are additional fees or requirements you ought to fulfill.

You Can Be Sued

If you default paying your personal loan, the bank can sue you in court. For secured loans, you cannot be sued as the bank can auction the collateral. Being sued can result in additional fees and even legal fees. Also, you can be charged prepayment penalties. Before taking a personal loan, you need to be sure that monthly payments are easy to accomplish and you can pay them as required. If you have financial challenges and cannot make the payment as required, you should contact the bank and arrange with them.

Take Away

Personal loans offer the extra money required to pay your debts and invest. Just like other types of loans, there are ups and downs that you should pay attention to. However, most people who need money badly, ignore some of these pitfalls. It is vital to ensure that you only take what you can pay.